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In life log ranking, what do “weekend” and “this week” exactly mean?

Q1.what do “”weekend”” and “”this week”” exactly mean?
A.””Weekend Avarage”” is “”the avarage of last Saturday and Sunday,”” “”This week”” means one weel from Monday to Sunday.

Q2.There is a person who is in high rank for distance but not for steps.
A.Criteria for distance depend on each device so it is difficult to mend this at our end.

Q3. How is a person who belongs to two departments displayed?
A. His/Her “”main department “” out of those two is used.
Main department is deceided by the company’s database.

Q4.I have linked my steps but it doesn’t reflect on the ranking.
A. Did you register your nick name recently? It doesn’t reflect until you have a nickname. Also, ranking updates only once every 5minutes. If you are not relevant to either, let us know.