WellGo offers corporate health management service

On the WellGo app for iPhone, steps aren’t synced correctly.

WellGo app. doesn’t sync manual-input data to prevent unfair data.
This checklist is to solve problem about syncing device calculating data.

Solution1: When iPhone’s “”HealthCare”” app doen doesn’t show steps. (iPhone gets data from HealthCare)
1. Open HealthCare => check if steps have numbers
2.iPhone’s setting => Privacy => Motion & Fitness =>Turn on Fitness Tracking
3.Setting => Privacy =>HealthCare =>allow active energy and distance for Steps, Walking and Ranking
4.Setting =>Gerneral =>Background Update => On (Wifi and mobile data) => Turn on Well Go

Solution2: If you have Fibit, Garmin, or Xiaomi/huami
WellGo’s smartphone app=>””…”” on the top left => lifelog linkage setting => link with your device from where you get your lifelog
Please refer to the instruction below for linking the smartphone app: https://uat.wellgo.jp/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/SetUpAppE.pdf

Please refer to the following setting instractions: