WellGo offers corporate health management service

Apple Health steps aren’t synced correctly.

WellGo app. doesn’t sync manual-input data to prevent unfair data.
This checklist is to solve problem about syncing device calculating data.

Solution1: When iPhone’s “”HealthCare”” app doen doesn’t show steps. (iPhone gets data from HealthCare)
1. Open HealthCare => check if steps have numbers
2.iPhone’s setting => Privacy => Motion & Fitness =>Turn on Fitness Tracking
3.Setting => Privacy =>HealthCare =>allow active energy and distance for Steps, Walking and Ranking
4.Setting =>Gerneral =>Background Update => On (Wifi and mobile data) => Turn on Well Go

Solution2: If you have Fibit, Garmin, or Xiaomi/huami
WellGo’s smartphone app=>””…”” on the top left => lifelog linkage setting => link with your device from where you get your lifelog
Please refer to the instruction below for linking the smartphone app: https://uat.wellgo.jp/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/SetUpAppE.pdf

Solution3: Re-install
If the problem is not solved by above solutions, please uninstall WellGo app. and install again.
The data is stored in server and not cleared by this operation.

Please refer to the following setting instractions: