WellGo offers corporate health management service

How healthy* is your company…?

* The score is 1-5 scale. It is an indicator to know how healthy your company is among many other companies.

Any trouble with health
management of employees?

  • HR does not have enough manpower to practice health management
  • Employees are not interested in their own health
  • Do not know how to analyze health data
  • Can not see clear results of health management efforts
  • Can not make time to talk about health with employees
Any trouble with health management of employees?

WellGo, the health management platform,
solves such problems.

WellGo supports
the health management
of employees with easy steps!

STEP1Visualize your company’s
“health level *”

Developed with the health checkup data of several million people, WellGo AI analyzes the health status of employees and estimates the productivity of employees**.
In addition, WellGo AI calculates the health level of company from the data of each employee. The health level of every branch, every department, and the whole company can be visualized.

* The score is 1-5 scale. It is an indicator to know how healthy your company is among many other companies.

** The number of years each employee is expected to live healthy. It’s estimated by data such as health checkup data and personal life log acquired by a linked smartphone application.

STEP2WellGo helps to make social events to improve the health level of employees.

With WellGo, you can easily develop social events to improve health.
For example, a department with lower values for BMI and the amount of exercise can create an event to solve the health problems, such as a group walking event.
WellGo will steadily promote employee health improvement.”

STEP3Check event reports and health improvement

After measures and events, you can easily output reports and can check event history and employees’ attendance rate on WellGo. In addition, WellGo visualizes the results of your activities so that you can see how much you could improve your health. WellGo helps you keep working on the PDCA cycle to make a positive change in health by repeatedly helping you find a new issue, take measures to solve the issue, and check your health improvements.

Let’s start health management with WellGo

Plese request our informational material here

WellGo’s benefits

Active user rate
at our clients


The participation
rate of WellGo
health events


The persistence
rate of health activity


+4.2% higher
than national

*These are actual numbers gained at our clients

Our philosophy

Now people live one hundred years.
WellGo strongly supports healthy lifespan,
the asset of the new era.

WellGo’s mission is to utilize technology to sow future seeds that will shine in the era of 100 year lifespan.
We aim to foster health literacy, which is the foundation of “Well-being: happiness”.

Now people live one hundred years. The time has come to form intangible assets such as family,
friends, and health, not only tangible assets such as savings and houses.

WellGo supports it at our best.

  • 有形資産有形資産
    • 貯蓄
    • 有価証券
  • 無形資産価値測定不可能なもの
    • 家族 友人
    • スキル 知識
    • 肉体的・精神的健康

Supporters’ voice

Yoshiki Ishikawa

Yoshiki Ishikawa, Expert of Preventive Medicine
Co-inventor of WellGo’s vision

What I am planning with WellGo is future “asset formation”. In order to live well (being well-being) through 100 years of life, we need not only money but also new types of asset such as health and community.
I would like to support the creation of new assets by leveraging WellGo’s technology with my expertise, the preventive medicine and behavioral science.

Yoshiki Ishikawa, Expert of Preventive Medicine
Born in Hiroshima Prefecture, Japan 1981. Graduated from the University of Tokyo Faculty of Health Sciences and Harvard University T.H. Chan School of Public Health, obtained a doctorate (medical) from Jichi Medical University in Japan. Conduct interdisciplinary research with companies and universities under the theme of “What is Well-being?” Specialize in preventive medicine, behavioral sciences, and computational creativity.

Plese request our informational material here


What’s WellGo?

WellGo is a health management cloud platform invented by WellGo, Inc. WellGo won the incubator program of Nomura Holdings and Nomura Research Institute. We support the health of employees using AI and Big Data, improve relationships between company and employees, and increase their productivity.

Who uses WellGo?

Our focus clients are company’s personnel department, general affairs department, corporate employees and their dependent, industrial physicians, nurses, occupational health consultants, and health care workers such as health insurance unions. WellGo allows health care workers to check statistical data on its dedicated management system. Employees can access their own data on My Page.

What are WellGo’s benefits?

We support to aquire certifications such as health management excellent corporation “White 500”. Specifically, we will visualize the health of your company, create a mission for improvement, and approach the improvement of the living environment of our employees. Health management professionals such as industrial physicians, nurses, occupational health consultants and health-care vendors supervise analysis and advice. We can can promote health management and can realize company’s long-term health improvement.

Is the introduction cost expensive?

Our clients evaluate that the cost of WellGo is very cheap, about one-third of major similar services.*
*As of 2018

Open for individual customers?

This service is premised on contracts at company level and health union level. If your company introduces WellGo, you can use your personal “My Page”.

What are WellGo’s strengths?

WellGo compares the health level of your company with that of other companies* and objectively evaluates the healthy lifespan and health status of employees in simple graphics. You can also take the medical check follow-up and specific health guidance* necessary for occupational health online.

What is the key point of health management?

Health management is based on the idea that healthier employees will contribute more on company’s profitability and assumes that company and employees will work together to manage employees’ health conditions.
Presenteeism, the condition that employees cannot make 100% performance due to health problem, and absenteeism, the condition that employees take absences due to health problem, will damage the long-term growth of the company. The purpose of health management is to reduce the risk of such productivity decline.

What are the pitfalls of health management?

Many companies are already working for mental health issues, health declaration, point incentive system, data health & collaboration health, smoking cessation promotion, shorter working hour policy, etc.
However, not a small number of personnel departments are facing unexpected difficulties in health management and may think that “The effects of health management and employees’ awarenesses are unclear.” or “Communication is still not enough between health managers and employees.”
Even if you are actually aware of health management, you might face problems in human relationships and health knowledge such as “Employees do not fully trust managers and HR” or “I do not know what is health in the first place”. WellGo solves such problems. WellGo AI helps health managers advise employees about their health levels, enabling accurate and efficient health management.

What is the security policy?

In consideration of personal information, data is anonymized and managed on the cloud by triple encryption technology. We implement robust security management based on AWS and Rails framework. Even major financial institutions, where severe security is required, adopted our technology.

Is WellGo available for non-Japanese employees?

WellGo is available in Japanese and English, so companies with non-Japanese employees can utilize our services.

Our clients' voice

Nomura Securities Co., Ltd. Managing director of Human Resources Dept. Shinji Momonoe 様

Nomura Securities Co., Ltd.Shinji Momonoe,Managing director of Human Resources Dept.

We make use of WellGo to conduct a yearly health related event called “NOMURA Health Challenge” on department level.
One branch found that many employees have problems of “lack of exercise,” “high smoking rate,” and “bad drinking habit.”
Therefore, they formed three project groups: (1) exercise, (2) smoking, and (3) drinking alcohol, each worked on activities to solve health problems, and shared their experiences on WellGo. As they worked on this project with a sense of unity throughout the branch,they could enhanced the levels of communication among employees and their health awarenesses. We will further utilize WellGo to promote health management.

Nomura Securities Health Insurance Association  Managing Executive Director  Toshiro Harima 様

Nomura Securities Health Insurance Association Toshiro Harima,Managing Executive Director

Since last year, along with the Ministry of Labor’s “Collaboration Health Guidelines”, we integrated the data of many companies and that of health insurance association on WellGo in order to manage the health conditions of insured employees and their dependents as a population approach tool.
In this year, we will offer unique incentives for employees on WellGo such as resort facilities, Amazon gift cards, nd etc.
We keep utilizing WellGo as an important communication tool for population approaches, high risk approaches, and various health businesses.

Doctor Trust Co., Ltd. Managing Director Shogi Sugii 様・IT Dept. Katsuya Ishikawa 様

Doctor Trust Co., Ltd.Shogi Sugii,Managing Director Katsuya Ishikawa,IT Dept.

We are the leading company for staffing service of industrial physicians.
We co-invented stress check function on WellGo and prepared 80 questions to provide highly accurate information about individual and group stress levels. This function has received high reputations from clients.
We would like to further cooperate with WellGo to expand health management and industrial health.



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